FASHION MEET Expo'22. 22nd April, AEPC Centre, Gurugram, India.

Bamboology presented active wear sustainable Bamboo Clothing range in Fashion Meet Expo at AEPC center. 23-April 2022.


Bamboology participated in UN Women Industry disruptor event in Nepal organized for 8 Nations together at one platform for Women-led MSMEs of Asia-Pacific

Training of women entrepreneurs on Expanding Business through Ecommerce & Digital marketing. 4-6 APRIL 2022. Kathmandu, Nepal.



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- at Global Spin Trade Conclave on Eco-Handloom, Eco-textiles & Apparels. Bengaluru | 21-22nd March

GLOBALSPIN Trade Conclave on 21st March at World Trade Center Bengaluru. 


SHEWINGS - Some overwhelming glimpse from the event! 

Thank You for all the love and support! #InternationalWomensWeek #FeedTheFuture
Special thanks to #IndianWomenRiders for joining us.

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Project HASTAKAR - #UNLOCKHANDLOOM Program Initiative - National Stakeholders’ Consultation Meet

August 14, 2021/ Mr. 



The excellence award by HR Success 




The Shining Stars- Volume- III 

SIMS: Make A Difference 

International Mother Earth Day: Together we can and we must!

With so much misery and pain all around, the world is staring at a bleak future. Let’s take a moment to analyze how the Covid 19 pandemic has brought about ecological awakening among the tech-savvy generation of the new-age India. Let’s aim at giving up certain things that will help the planet breathe easy and flourish in the process. We bring to you 10 young professional women, who believe it is mandatory for us to focus on our environment, not just as an abstract concept but as an immediate resort to save the planet Earth… Read on

 Nimisha Tewari, Co-founder, Clumsy Designs, Ahmedabad:

Earth is the only planet we have, and if we the inhabitants won’t look after it, who else will. Through our ever-inquiring minds and technological advances we can create a planet that is fresh and lively. If through our baby steps, we can achieve our goal, what’s better. "For the same, I pledge to switch to shampoo soap bars, which come with no plastic packaging and comparatively have more natural ingredients. With an aim to pick one product at a time, I wish to replace the plastic and non-biodegradable products I use frequently. Next, I am also mustering up the courage to try menstrual cup and ditch sanitary napkins totally."


Akanksha Mishra, Co-founder, Bamboology Trends, Noida:

With the ongoing massive destruction of the environment, fashion has taken a large kick after people have started talking about fast fashion. With the increase in awareness, people have started talking about alternatives. "The recent invention is bamboo clothing, which has taken up a storm in the sustainable lifestyle environment. I will do my bit for my planet by pledging to stop buying garments made out of polyester as I am very well aware of its impact on the environment. You will be surprised to know that not only in its manufacturing, but when we discard it any garment made of even 5 per cent of polyester, it takes more than 200 years to decompose." Can we really afford that? I leave it to you to answer that…



Gunjan Mishra, CEO, Brain Gurukul, Noida:

We need to expand our horizon and start doing our bit from the very basic. To climb up the ladder, we need to take the first step first. So many schools are aiming at generating awareness among students on the critical environmental the world is facing these days. But, instead of spending so much time on spreading awareness, why are we not take the appropriate action on the environmental issues. "I have taken a conscious call to not invest in new clothes for every occasion, instead I now repeat my clothes. I don’t feel any disgrace or embarrassment in doing so, I urge the gen next to also follow the suit." Read more.....




Startups of the month- March 2021

StartupLanes brings 12 startups of the month from the ecosystem of StartupLanes for the month of March 2021. You can connect with these startups for business and also explore possible investment opportunities in them.

StartupLanes is an ecosystem for startups in 56 Cities across 15 Countries, that has its own Accelerator, Incubator, Angel Network, and Full Service Investment Banking for Startups.

bamboo clothing brand in India

bamboo clothing brand in India. Top ten sustainable clothing brand in India

Paperwork e-Accounting:

Paperwork e-Accounting Services LLP is an Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) based accounts outsourcing and consulting company offering end-to-end bookkeeping services and specialized professional services. Established in 2012 by a Chartered Accountant, Paperwork has been serving entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro-small-and-medium businesses alike and akin to a virtual CFO assisting the management with effective financial administration. It makes much sense to outsource what is tedious for you, to the experts who do it with much expertise, experience, and ease; and thus invest more resources on key business functions that make a direct impact on your profits.

Adept in financial administration, they take complete care of your accounts and financial compliances with the help of their two great assets – their powerful cloud accounting software and their enviably huge team of qualified accountants. Right from importing information to generating month-end statements to providing aid in filing taxes; they do it all with much efficiency to ensure you have complete peace of mind.


AADONA was founded in June 2018 under Start-up India Initiative by 4 passionate technology enthusiasts who believe India has great potential and must have a premium networking technology brand of its own. AADONA is registered under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government Of India, MSME, Udyam, GeM Market Place and is ISO9001-2015 certified brand. Till now most of the IT infrastructure and projects uses different popular MNC brand or cheap imports. AADONA is determined to change that. It worked hard to create an Indian brand that can deliver smart and cost-efficient solutions for IT Infrastructure requirements of SMB or Enterprise. They are an Indian MNC in making with a presence across the country. Inspired by Start-up India and Make In India, they believe an Indian IT brand can unlock value and help drive business growth. At AADONA they create a symphony of cutting-edge hardware and software which is a combination that translates to business success, every single time.

Bamboology Trends:

The vision of the company is to create a global impact to reduce hazards created by the fashion industry. has initiated a mission to provide sustainable fashion by focusing on Bamboo clothing. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics, having immense qualities for better health, environmentally friendly, and 100% biodegradable. Clothing that will save our earth and works toward giving a better world to our future generations.

Awareness and sensitivity towards conservation of natural resources and climate change have increased drastically over the last decade, with the intrusion of social media and digital media. Millennials are getting awareness from the early stages of schools and they will be the torchbearer of such initiatives and they have better acceptance and commitment towards saving our planet. This is high time to give them solutions like bamboo clothing to create a positive impact on health and the planet. READ MORE...


Sustainable Fashion Brands: Pioneers of Tomorrow’s Survival! 

Sustainable Fashion Brands

Known for being in the trend in the lowest prices that you can imagine and several human rights violations and affecting the environment majorly, we all have heard about the term “Fast Fashion”. Fast Fashion is more than a lifestyle of clothes and good looks. Although 98% of the population lives and breathes in Fast Fashion either as a consumer, producer, or labour, we still believe that Fast Fashion can be replaced with less harmful, sustainable fashion. With the rapid waves of awareness about the effects of this horrendous fashion culture globally, many organizations and individuals have spent their valuable time in innovation in a biodegradable, sustainable fashion.

Fast Fashion: A poison to the environment!

~ Do you know around 91% of the whole fast fashion clothing’s produces are thrown away globally after wear of a month or two?
This is because people need to stay on the ever-changing trends. And also, the clothes are never made of quality. But these clothes are mostly made of polyester and nylons, which are Petrochemical-based Textile. And these fabrics take up more than 300 years to decompose.

~ In 2018, the UN reported in one of the Environmental Summit about Global Warming, stating how the Fast Fashion industry.... Read more... 


Bamboology Trends Corporate Profile. 



By Bamboology Trends

We recently sent our Bamboo fabric sample to the renowned lab INTERTEK for the Anti-Microbial test. Sharing the amazing lab results with you all.

Check out the recent reports from Intertek, Gurugram.

bamboo fabric clothing brand in India
Bamboo fabric is 99 % anti-microbial and gives you full protection with any microbes or infections.



By Ra by Rashi Foundation

On 1st April, Thursday.

Conversation with Fahmeeda ChoudhryFounder of BamboologyTrends An absolute innovator executer & nature lover with over 18+ years of experience in fashion retail. Ex-Category Head –Women’s Wear at “Cantabil Retail” & “Ritu Wears” 

Akanksha Mishra : Co-Founder of BamboologyTrends High spirited fashion professional with over 12 years of experience in fashion industry as Design Head. Ex-designer with clients like; Iconic, New Yorker, C&A, M&Co., LPP, Reserved & J.D. Williams etc.

Bamboology Trends team are committed and passionate about providing sustainable fashion solutions and focusing on Bamboo clothing made out of Bamboo fabric, which is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabric.


What is Sustainable Fashion? by Fahmeeda Choudhry ( - Thought Influencer

Feb 24, 2021




TYCOON: Interview with Fahmeeda Choudhry | Founder at Femi Fashions


Fahmeeda Choudhry – Successfully Contributing in Preserving the Earth

With each passing day, the imperatives to conserve natural resources are gaining momentum. The world is becoming a better place to live in with effective climate change management. Digital transformations are taking the centre stage with robust eco-friendly products and initiatives.

Many business players are joining this league to mitigate the adverse effects of pollution and deliver sustainable solutions across multiple sectors. One such persona passionate about bringing positive change into society and ecology is Fahmeeda Choudhry.

Fahmeeda started her professional journey in the fashion industry as a Women’s wear Category Head with Cantabil Retail and Ritu Wears. She also provided retail and fashion consulting to an array of reputed brands at the same time. After gaining decades of experience in the fashion and retail world, she recognized the need for sustainable solutions.

Going beyond the traditional ROI fulfillment, today, Fahmeeda stands tall as the Founder and CEO of – an initiative by Femi Fashions that solely focuses on curating eco-friendly bamboo clothing. Under her aegis, the brand offers tailor-made sustainable fashion solutions to its customers.

About Read more




Mr. Nitin Gadkari addressed Virtual Exhibition on Bamboo Technology, Products and Services organized by Indian Federation of Green Energy (IFGE)


Date: 22-March-2021

Indian Achievers Award 2000-21

Founder- Bamboology Trends & Femi Fashions, Ms. Fahmeeda Choudhry was awarded with Indian Achievers Award 2000-21.

achievers award, bamboo clothing, femi fashions. bamboo products


Date: 17-03-2021

Boosting bamboo, India’s natural ‘green gold’

Long dismissed as ‘poor man’s timber’, the versatile grass has great economic potential.

Written by Remya Lakshmanan and Aarushi Aggarwal

Replacing plastic in the market is the objective of Bamboo India, a social entrepreneurship venture established in 2016, which has 42 full-time employees and over 3,000 associated farmers. (Representational)

bamboo clothing, Bamboo women's wear, Indian bamboo clothing brand, Indian clothing brand, Indian sustainable brand, Sustainable bamboo clothing brand, women's wear Bamboo clothing

Green Gold, as bamboo is often known, is found everywhere in India. It is one of those rare, naturally-occurring resources agnostic to climatic conditions, soil conditions and precipitation levels available in 136 species. Millions of Indians rely on bamboo for a part of their entire livelihoods.

Despite this vast bamboo habitat in India, which is also the second-largest bamboo growing country in the world, the grass remains woefully under-utilized. The perception of bamboo as “poor man’s timber” and a law that had designated non-forest bamboo as a tree prevented it from making inroads into the consumer goods and lifestyle products segments where it otherwise holds tremendous scope. Read more....


Date: 17-03-2021

International Women's Day Conclave by "SHE WINGS"

Written by Bamboology Trends

Bamboology Trends participated in a conclave organized by SHE WINGS on 7th March at Crown Plaza, Greater Noida. 




Date: 30-01-2021 & 31-01-2021

Indian Apparel & Textile Conference 2021  Organized by Business Charcha

Written by Bamboology Trends

BamboologyTrends Participated in Indian Apparel and Textile conference 2021 to create awareness on Bamboo clothing and Bamboo contribution to sustainable future. We also advised Dr. Puneet Sood to add "Sustainability" as a topic in NIFT curriculum to create & spread awareness at very first stage of Fashion education.

DAY-1 (30-01-2021)


• Converting ‘Crisis’ into ‘Opportunity’: The solution to mend broken supply chain • Is the world ending dependence on China for apparel and textile trade?

Organized by; Ms. Sheetal Bhandari, CEO - Business Charcha

Guest list;Dr. A Sakthivel, Chairman Apparel Export Promotion Council | Dr. Roopak Vasistha, CEO & Director General, Apparel Sector Skill Council | Mr. Sanjeev chawla, Director, office of Development Commissioner MSME | Ms Sunaina Khanna, Director at Methods Apparel Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd. | Mr Sumanth, TRI3D  

DAY-2 (31-01-2021)


• How Brands are more concerned now for inclusion and diversity

• Circular Economy in Apparel and Textile

• PMEGP Scheme - Loan upto 25 Lacs -

Organized by; Ms. Sheetal Bhandari, CEO - Business Charcha

Guest list; Mr. Ashok Juneja, President, Textile Association India | Dr Puneet Sood, Director at National Institute of Fashion Technology Kannur Kerala - | Ms Dolly Bhasin, Founder at SmartEdge | Mr. Chiranjiv Singh, General Secretary, Knitwear & Textile Club | PMEGP Scheme by Mr. Vikram Singh, Senior Executive (Training), Khadi & Village Industry Commission