Why to use Tiger’s Eye for emotional wellbeing and self-esteem?

What is Tiger's Eye?

The Tiger's Eye gemstone belongs to the Chalcedony mineral family. It has a silky sheen and a sheer opaqueness. The gemstone is a metamorphic rock that is often reddish-brown with iron stripes. Tigers Eye symbolizes self-assurance and inner power.

What are the benefits of a Tiger's eye stone?

The Tiger Eye stone, which is connected to both the root and sacral chakras, has a plethora of extraordinary healing capabilities and advantages that assist in balancing physical and emotional wellbeing in one fell swoop.

The Tigers Eye healing properties include more than just a gorgeous face; it's a reminder to tap into inner strength, stand a little straighter, and quit destroying oneself because all the light and love one needs is already within. It is all about bringing stunning self-confidence to the top, not hiding it. Take a look at the Tiger Eye crystal’s healing powers.

Emotional Healing Properties

With the Tiger Eye crystal, you may clear lousy energy, reach deep into the root chakra, and boost self-confidence. This stone has a lot of emotional healing capabilities. It can help the wearer feel strong, balanced, and connected to their core no matter what is going on around them.

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When you're feeling stuck, Tiger's Eye's vitality can help you break through that funk and alter your attention by urging you to take a more playful attitude to life. 

Those who make place for the Tiger's Eye in their lives may find that new confidence carries them over and encourages them to strive for success by constructing that safe and robust foundation, directing energy in the appropriate direction, and soaking up the dazzling sunny warmth of the stone. Toxic energies are washed away as part of the tiger eye healing powers, mental obstacles are pushed aside, and deepest dreams cease to be visions and become well and thoroughly within targeted reach. 

Tiger's Eye can aid in the healing of a variety of relationships. It can help overcome poor self-confidence and strengthen connections with oneself and complex emotional attachments to cash and money.

It works to untangle limiting beliefs and cleanse toxic energy around the things in life that frequently serve to keep individuals feeling comfortable for those who battle with self-worth and who add money troubles to that.

Physical Healing Properties

Tiger's Eye is an excellent blood fortifier and exceptional at balancing out the endocrine system, brimming with vitality and always ready to pull someone out of a funk. The gemstone can use its fiery golden-brown chi to stir the pot and ignite motivation in those who are a touch sluggish or immersed in lethargy.

Higher energy, a faster metabolism, and a softer sex drive aid hormone alignment, thus restoring personal biochemistry to its optimal state. The warm-blooded gemstone also holds the heat of the sun, which helps to lessen the weight of dark and dreary days for individuals who suffer from seasonal depression. 

Spiritual Healing Properties

The Tiger's Eye is a soothing friend for people who need support with their lower chakras. This terrestrial stone harmonizes with the root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, and the sacral chakra.

These are the chakras of safety and strength, where people feel grounded, connected to the soil beneath their feet, and secure enough in this world to leap higher and explore more profound realms of spiritual consciousness. It can be challenging to feel confident and closed without a solid foundation for these chakras. They actively contribute to keeping people bound. 

These stones are recognized as unique amplifiers, which means they may tap into and enhance physic powers. Utilizing the gemstone as an energy muse to higher worlds could enhance the aura for those who desire to connect deeper to their third Eye. Yet, it's worth remembering that the Tiger Eye is more of an earthly root chakra stone.

Origin of Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye crystal which is also known as The Shapeshifter is an earthy, deep, and mysterious gemstone that encourages wearers to embrace their inner strength, personal willpower and call on the powers of protection. There's no denying the stone's wild drive and energy, which is coloured with golden bands, bits of sand, and smears of inky black and brown.

The Tiger Eye Gemstone was traditionally worn as a protective charm against evil energies. It was said to shield the person who wears it from curses and ill-wishes. Beyond its defensive abilities, the Tiger Eye health benefits are also abundant.

Tiger's Eye is mined in regions where heat, dry air, and a sense of wilderness abound, such as the extensive cat lands of South Africa, India's spice islands and cascading tea plantations, and Western Australia's desert limitless outback.

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It's made by modifying crocidolite, keeps its mineral-rich moods, and gets its golden orb colour from iron oxide. Tiger's Eye crystal was so rare in the 16th century that it was thought to be such a valuable element that it was worth more than gold. 

According to legend, the Egyptians were enamored with the Tiger Eye Stone's iridescent rays, believing it to express the heavenly vision and even used it as a stone to represent the eyes when building great deities. It was also worn on the breastplates of Roman troops in battle as a protective charm.

The origins of the gemstone's name are not coincidental and go beyond a primary colour scheme reference. The Tiger is the true jungle queen: fierce, brave, and always ready to pounce. The Tiger's spirit serves as a reminder of the need to follow one's primitive instincts and accept one's shadow self to emerge from the jungle and stand in the light.

Since life is unpredictable, and personal strength is required to thrive. It encourages people to accept all aspects of themselves, from playful stance to predator and guardian.

How do I use a Tiger's eye crystal stone?

There are numerous ways to incorporate Tiger's Eye's golden glow into daily life. However, Tiger's Eye is chosen to be used in anything from sparkling jewellery to Feng Shui stones.

Its powers are used in reiki, feng shui and crystal healing. Anyone who has this stone in their possession is likely to receive a harvest of healing effects. Take a glimpse at some of the ways Tiger's Eye is used.

Home and Office

Tiger's Eye is an excellent amulet for creating a harmonious home and office feng shui atmosphere in the home because of its completely purifying and protective properties. Feng Shui is concerned with creating a Zen-like atmosphere in your house by utilizing space and layout to achieve a sense of balance and clarity.

Tiger's Eye is very effective in Feng Shui for any office or workspace since it increases fine focus, provides further insight into complex circumstances, and aids in overcoming procrastination. 

In addition to harmonizing Feng Shui vibrations in the home, the Tiger's Eye gemstone is recognized for grounding moods, bringing good luck, and banishing worries, all of which contribute to making the home a secure refuge from the outside world.

Using the Tiger's Eye as a protective amulet near the front door or a window is one of the best ways to combine Feng Shui and the Tiger's Eye. It also makes sense to keep a Tiger's Eye in the bedroom or nursery of these small people if they desire to assert their tigress nature to defend their offspring.


Keeping gemstones close to the skin is one of the most effective ways to get the most out of them. The vibrations on bare skin feed directly into one's energy source, making gemstone jewellery one of the best methods to absorb the tremendous therapeutic powers of various stones.

The Tiger Eye Bracelets, pendants, and rings made with the Tiger's eyes are popular ways to wear the gemstone. A bracelet or a ring is perhaps the most efficient because it retains the stone in a lower position in the body, keeping it tightly connected to the naval and root chakras, where it works in perfect harmony.

With its healing powers, Tiger's Eye can also help patients who have joint stress or fractured bones. Stones can also be used for focused meditation and manifestation practice and contemplating personal spiritual practices when put on an altar.