Revolutionizing the trends of fashion: Adopting the eco-friendly vogue


The minimalistic approach is the simplest ways of living that strips down the meaningless possessions in our lives that are not very necessary, the essence of minimalism is that it focuses on things that we value that serve an immense purpose in our lives.

when on one side the minimalistic approach teaches us to cut down on meaningless and money-oriented possessions on the other side minimalism is all about finding more, finding more gratitude, joy life experiences, and much more.

Minimalism is just an approach to live with sufficient requirements be it the luxury items or just the basic need of humans. As the markets are upgrading the consuming capacity of the buyers is reaching a whole new level, trends like fast fashion oppose the idea of minimalism, as we are more inclined towards following such trends blindly.

Fast fashion has led to people consuming more than what they require just because it is pocket friendly and serves the purpose of flaunting by being all trendy almost every day, But here we need to pause and switch our entire way of following trends and practically imply the act of minimalism in our day to day lives, buying heaps of low-quality clothes is not what we should make a trend, the fact remains that the fashion demands cannot be reduced as it will negatively affect the fashion industry hence to maintain the demand and supply chain world needs to shift towards the sustainable and eco-friendly fashion solutions.

Many textile industries are now focused on sustainable fashion and eco-friendly clothing, the Fashion industry is the most versatile industry as every season and every function calls for different clothes hence the industries are focused on making different clothes to serve different purposes of the consumers.

The pandemic has got a vast change in our lives, it has taught us the importance of staying fit and healthy inside out due to that lately the sporting consciousness has increased amongst people by a great extent people have started to indulge in some or the other sports activity, staying fit is the new trend among people of all generation.

This rise in the population that desires to stay fit has risen. The demand and supply of sportswear in the market, as we know sportswear has to be different from our everyday clothing because wearing the right type of clothing during any physical activity is important.


There is an obvious reason as to why the sports and active wear are different from the everyday normal clothing, the reason being is during the normal life routine we do not do any intense physical work hence the everyday requirement of cloth is very basic but while engaging in any sort of workout our body sweats heavily, gets heated up a lot of bacteria’s grows in microseconds hence we need a cloth that has a good absorbing capacity and that has natural antibacterial properties like the clothes made of bamboo is one of the best for everyday wear for sports/active wear.

The fiber extracted from the bamboo has a natural anti-bacterial bio-agent that is called the bamboo Kun because this agent is present in the bamboo fiber there are no chemical pesticides used in the bamboo clothes.

The bamboo clothes also have a very good anti thermal and super absorbing quality.

 While heavy workout sessions body sweats intensely hence the perfect sportswear should have good absorbing quality. Bamboo fiber has various micro-gaps that make it softer than cotton and also makes it super absorbent and works best as sportswear.

Good sportswear should be made with a breathable material as our body needs to breathe all the time and especially when we are engaged in some physical work.

GYM is the new ground for people to work out when earlier in time people use to go on grounds and exercised in open areas without any pieces of equipment and trainer the concept of exercising in a closed room with several different types of equipment and under the supervision of a trainer.

GYM is a trend for people now from building muscles to getting lean gym has got marvelous results to people that made it a preference for anyone who wants to work on their body and get the desired results.

Hitting the gym is like a religion now


When training in the gym, whether it is weights, cardio, yoga, or a heavy HIIT class, it's important to ensure that your outfit fits perfectly. And perfect not only means the clothes that give your arms, legs, waist a full range of motion to take on any exercise but perfect means clothes made of fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, to help you stay cool. The perfect gym wear should have a quality of wicking sweat and moisture away from your body, absorbing it into the fabric and dries up the clothes quickly.

Gym clothing will naturally incur nasty smells from the amount you sweat when working out, for which some clothing brands like BamboologyTrends have come up with clothes that promote anti-odor properties so that the clothes can serve 24-hour long purpose.

Women's Black Round neck  F/S T-shirt

Bamboo clothes are a perfect option for gym/active wear because of the natural properties of the fabric extracted from bamboo, as it has antimicrobial properties anti-odor properties the fabric is very breathable and is highly sweat absorbent.

Yoga is another way people engage themselves for better physical and mental health and to stay fit. Yoga has numerous advantages for man. Yoga is transforming the fitness industry with its reliable results.


Yoga is intended to be a meditative, relaxing form of exercise. But dressing for yoga can be intimidating for beginning students. Generally, it is important to wear clothing that is both comfortable and made from breathable fabric bamboo, or jersey.

Yoga wear should be made of fabric that is stretchy and light and can serve a 24-hour purpose without smelling bad and should be super absorbent.


The BamboologyTrend is the eco-friendly fashion brand that focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable clothing and makes clothes from fiber extracted from bamboo that is vegan and organic, and the properties of the bamboo fabric make it a great choice for sports/active and gym wear, bamboo clothes are very breathable, thermo-control, much softer than cotton, anti-bacterial, protects from UV rays, and is super absorbent and they are 100% natural and ecofriendly.

BamboologyTrends are the eco-friendly clothing brand in India, from where one can buy all types of bamboo fabric active wear and other clothes like runner vest, cycling vest t-shirts yoga wear, gym outfit everyday clothes, polo t-shirts for men, polo t-shirts for women, ethical clothes, organic innerwear, sustainable active wear for men and women both, bamboo t-shirts, bamboo cotton t-shirts and all other types of organic clothes and vegan clothes.

The bamboo clothes are perfect for everyday clothing and loungewear too as it has a very soft texture like silk that makes it super soft and very comfortable clothing choice. Over the years, the demand for loungewear has increased, not only because it is trendy but also because it is comfortable and brings style to every situation. Loungewear is something people are wearing inside and even outside the homes today. The BamboologyTrends have got a vast range of loungewear that is the best option available in the market on the date; loungewear is usually worn at home so that our body can relax in the loose and comfortable outfits.

loungewear are the clothes that are worn for the maximum time so it has to be very comfortable and soft that it doesn't irritate the skin and provide comfort for a longer time.


 the bamboo loungewear is a very ideal choice as it is very light and extremely breathable and is powerfully insulating it helps the body to stay cool all the time during summer and hot during winter, the bamboo loungewear is extremely comfortable and softer than that of any other fabric. the bamboo clothes are hypoallergenic as the bamboo naturally has anti-allergic properties it is best for people who are very prone to skin allergy and people who have sensitive skin, about 70 % of women are more prone to skin allergies because women skin is biologically more sensitive and as the bamboo fabric is 100% organic and vegan it is the perfect choice of comfortable clothing for men and women both.

As the consciousness is increasing among people regarding comfortable loungewear similarly, people are now more inclining towards wearing good quality innerwear.

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO WEAR HYGENIC INNER WEAR? The best options available for it -

According to Hygiene for Health, dirty inner wears can harbor microorganisms, and wearing undergarments with these microorganisms on them can lead to skin infections.

about 75% of women experience vaginal infection and one of the major reason for vaginal yeast infections is wearing underwear made from synthetic fabrics (such as nylon and lycra), which don't "breathe" and thus keep the genital area warm and moist, perfect conditions for the growth of yeast and as the result more women are prone to vaginal infections, that is why it is very necessary to wear Hygienic innerwear that is made up of organic fabrics the innerwear that are made with bamboo and cotton is considered perfect and considered as women's ecofriendly innerwear.

Bamboo fabric is non-clingy and ultra-soft so you will never have to worry about having that moist sticky feeling under there. Bamboo fabric has anti-bacterial properties naturally because of the presence of 'BAMBOO KUN' which is a natural antimicrobial bio-agent and therefore there is no use of any kind of pesticides and hence it is 100% natural and organic clothes.

The bamboo fabric kills 99.9% of bacteria naturally hence it makes the perfect women's eco-friendly innerwear that prevents any sort of infections in our intimate areas.

The Bamboo fabric is also very breathable and is a very good sweat absorbent hence there is no sort of irritation and itching in the private areas and this makes it even more comfortable to serve the 24-hour need.

And not only women, but men also need the best quality inner wear too as Innerwear serves multiple health and hygiene needs. The fabric of your underwear regulates the temperature of your lower body, absorbs body fluids and sweat coming from the crotch. The cotton and bamboo innerwear is best they have a thermal conductivity that helps in maintaining the body temperature and helps you stay cool down there.

The bamboo fabric clothes are a very good choice as; a lot of us have sensitive skin, so we have to be careful with what we put on it. We know our bodies best, with a bamboo fabric composition; it is assured that your skin is always looked after. Bamboo is suitable for highly sensitive skin which means your underwear can be worn for a long period of time.

Traditionally, active wear, innerwear, and other clothes are manufactured from synthetic fabrics such as polyester and spandex. These materials might have properties that benefit your basic requirement – such as being lightweight, stretchy, or sweat-wicking – but they certainly don’t benefit the environment. All three are non-biodegradable and require huge amounts of energy and water to produce. Additionally, they are not long-lasting. But there are always options available for us to choose the ecofriendly clothing brands.


Bamboo is the best fabric choice as there are almost 1000 types of bamboo that can be grown in different climatic conditions hence growing bamboo is a sustainable practice.

-FAST GROWING- Bamboo is fast-growing, unlike other trees. A tree needs 20 years to grow and reach maturity whereas the bamboo tree needs only 5-6 years to grow and the bamboo tree produces 5 to 6 times more raw materials while the other trees grow.

-ANTIMICROBIAL- The bamboo clothing is also a great option for sustainable fashion because it has the natural antimicrobial agent 'THE BAMBOO KUN' which prevents the growth of bacteria and has zero pesticides in it.

Because of the bamboo Kun, it doesn't need any sort of chemical pesticides and it protects the earth from 500-gram pesticides. Bacteria on the bamboo fabric were reduced to less than 0.2% of the introduced number in 24 hours whilst introduced bacteria on cotton fabric multiplied to 550 times the introduced number in 24 hours.

-BAMBOO A NATURAL SUNSCREEN- Bamboo acts as a shield against UV rays as it has 60% higher UV rays protection than cotton. UV rays cause premature aging of the skin and skin cancer, bamboo clothes work as a natural sunscreen.

-BAMBOO A GOOD ABSORBENT- It absorbs 5 times more CO2 than any other has a natural ability to absorb CO2 from the air, and thus makes a significant contribution in reducing greenhouse gasses.

-Bamboo is 100% biodegradable 100% recyclable & renewable resource.

-Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen per day then than other trees it requires one-third amount of water to grow than required growing Cotton

 Bamboo is anti-static and sits well on your skin and causes no irritation and it is as soft as silk and cashmere.


People are beginning to wake up and realize we need to be more sustainable with our fashion choices; most of the fashion brand is undergoing an eco-friendly revolution and introducing the world with sustainable fashion choices.

One can always be fashion-forward with sustainable fashion choices too, many brands that make clothes from bamboo fiber and other biodegradable fabric are the best choice as the clothes are still trendy and help you to cope up with the fashion trends.

The bamboo clothes in addition to many other fabrics are softer like silk yes you heard it right bamboo fabric is naturally soft and has a texture like silk. Bamboo clothes are 100% vegan and organic that means they are suitable for people of all skin type and age.

Round neck F/S T-shirt

The clothes made with nylon and spandex are non-biodegradable and are the second major pollutant in the world after industrial waste on the other hand the clothes made by bamboo are biodegradable and can be reused and recycled which is very impactful to bring a positive change in the world.

The brand like BamboologyTrend is a leading brand of sustainable fashion brand of India, because of the vast range of clothes that are fully organic, vegan, and 100% biodegradable. 

Textile and clothing manufacturing has an intense environmental impact. As the conventional clothes are usually manufactured from fields, sheep's back, or oil well, While the process of turning raw materials into a usable fabric that wastes a huge amount of water and use harmful chemicals, unethical labor, etc.

The fabric material like nylon, spandex, and rayon which are synthetic materials are highly used by the fashion industry especially the fast fashion trend makes use of these synthetic materials to manufacture heaps of cheap quality clothes. These clothes are a major pollutant of our environment. When we wash these fabrics in our machines shed millions of tiny particles of plastic that are so small they drain out of the washing machine, through our water waste, and ultimately into our oceans and pollutes the water bodies and becomes a life threat to the aquatic life.

The fashion industry not only pollutes the land and water bodies but this is also responsible for the vast change in climatic conditions it is estimated that the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year, which has to lead to global warming and severe climatic change. The fashion industry uses aroundd 1.5 trillion liters of water annually one cotton shirt. By replacing one bamboo T-Shirt with Cotton we save around 2,700 liters of water which represents 4% withdrawal of global freshwater. Such fashion trends are just destroying our already limited resources, now is the time that the world needs to shift to sustainable fashion trends and use eco-friendly clothes in our lives with maintaining the minimalistic approach to our requirements of clothes. The unsustainable growth of the fashion industry can be controlled by avoiding such fast fashion trends and limiting our purchasing capacity, selection should be done by considering the type of fabrics used in it. We must consider buying eco-friendly clothes.

The textile industries should use Eco-friendly fabrics to manufacture the clothes.

Are you conscious of global warming and climate change and wish to do something to reduce greenhouse gases?

The textile industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide that significantly leads to climate change and global warming hence to reduce the carbon footprints we can always contribute our part by being fashion-forward and by making use of eco-friendly clothes and encouraging sustainable fashion trends. The clothes made by bamboo are 100% natural and have no harmful effect on the earth and these can be recycled and reused on replacing one cotton t-shirt with one bamboo t-shirt we can save up to 2,700 liters of the limited freshwater. The industries should move towards sustainable practices to get the global development goals like protecting the oceans, land ecosystem, etc.

The world needs to shift towards sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow the industries are running behind expansion and profits but only companies that are creating sustainable solutions are going to be on the top

The textile industry is surely the second major contributor to pollution despite this the fact remains that the production of clothes cannot be reduced because of the requirement of people that cannot be cut down and the industry has to fill in the gap of demand and supply.

The only solution is sustainable fashion; few brands have shifted towards sustainable and eco-friendly clothing to meet the new

THE BAMBOOLOGYTRENDS is one such brand that is creating revolutionary change in the fashion industry by its sustainable clothing solutions, without compromising with the fashion requirements of the consumers it has 95% to 100% bamboo fabric and producing everything from Daywear to Lingerie, Sleepwear, Loungewear, Active wear, Yoga Wear, T-shirts, masks, Socks, etc. one can always buy trendy organic t-shirts for men and women both.

Now is the time the consumers need to follow the eco-friendly fashion trends and become a part of this major shift of fashion industry and contribute their part by simply choosing sustainable organic bamboo clothing over synthetic clothes and support the sustainable clothing brands so they can bring positive impact in the world. is putting all efforts to create awareness through our portal, digital marketing, and social media.


Shop with us and make our mission to provide sustainable fashion by focusing on Bamboo clothing an accomplishment.


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