From trees to Tee! A new journey of Bamboo

With the ongoing massive destruction of the environment, fashion has taken a large kick after people have started talking about fast fashion. With the increase in awareness, people have started talking about alternatives. Many councils like British Fashion week have decided to no more encourage Seasonal Walks of designer houses and encourage vintage and long term shop haul. But such steps are far from helping us to change the tipping point.

We need a solution that is viable and has long term effects. And there comes a sustainable lifestyle with Green Fashion! And one of the biggest changes that have pushed the research industry of Fashion to explore is how to replace harmful clothing textiles and norms with Nature’s gift. And the recent invention is Bamboo Clothing which has surely taken up a storm in the sustainable lifestyle environment. 

Yes! You heard us right! Bamboo Clothing!

Bamboo Clothing:
Bamboo is normally used for many things like building houses, bottles, baskets, etc. But clothing from Bamboo is a new topic and has proven as an excellent fabric choice for textile manufacturers and designer. Bamboo clothing is one of the best eco-friendly alternative options with cotton and hemp clothing that has multitudes of benefits to offer to both consumers and the environment.

You will be shocked to know that Bamboo Fabric can be used to make socks to pillows and tees.

So, basically, Bamboo clothing is a textile or a cloth piece that is purely made from Bamboo Fibers. Well, in ancient times, bamboo was used to make elements of clothing like rib corsets and bustles. But in recent years, scientists have been successful to finally develop bamboo fibers and textiles successful. This textile is so comfortable and easy to integrate that one can even mix this fiber with other fibers like cotton and hemp. 

But the one question that looms around all consumers is how a fabric obtained from Bamboo Grass is soft, breathable and strong enough for multiple wears?

Factors that make Bamboo Clothing a better option:

  1. All about Softness!

We all love clothes that are comfortable and breathable to wear. You will be shocked to know that what bamboo is to cotton, cashmere is to wool. Yes! Fabric obtained from the Bamboo Pulp is extremely soft due to the nature of Bamboo. The clothing is extremely light and feels natural to the skin. Why? Because in comparison with traditional textile manufacturing with chemicals and toxic dyes, bamboo fiber are without any toxic chemical treatment. So, they naturally possess smooth and round edges. And since there are no chemicals, it is non-irritant to the skin making Bamboo Textile a hypoallergenic textile (One of a kind!) option!

  1. Say goodbye to bad odor!

Bamboo clothing is adept in keeping you odor free even on the warmest humid day! Why? Because bamboo has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It has a natural component called “Bamboo-Kun” bio-agent which acts as a natural pesticide and fertilizers. Now, this beneficiary ingredient remains even in the textile, killing all bacteria of the consumer making them feel fresh and odour free. This makes the whole apparel healthier and more hygienic. Such kind of clothing is perfect for a Sunday Hangout!
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  1. No more worries about Sweating!

Now, do you know that Bamboo is a fast plant that grows faster than any other plant species? Bamboo has crazy growth spurts because it has extraordinary water-absorbing characteristics. This affects even Bamboo textiles. Because of this Bamboo clothing has a remarkable quality to wick away sweat and water 4-times faster than cotton clothes giving it Thermal Control properties. With such a high sweat absorbent quotient of the fabric, bamboo clothing is perfect for people who are living in coastal areas or areas which experience sunshine the most!
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  1. A Knight in Shining Armour!

No! We are not talking about the hard steel metal clothes that the soldiers used to wear in ancient times. But simple, bamboo fabric clothes that act as a UV protector! No, it doesn’t have any SPF 15 layering. Bamboo textile is the only natural fabric that has this unique property. Wearing clothing of bamboo fabric will protect you from the harmful effects of UV without much hustle. Now, we can’t always carry or use Sunscreen just while walking under the sun for regular shopping. Or we can’t even imagine avoiding Sun completely. So, wear bamboo clothes and block the UV rays, and have fun in your life!

Neither you have to worry about chemicals now you have to carry any more sunscreen!

  1. Stay Cool!

Bamboo fabric has one of the coolest features and this is “Stay Cool”! Now, don’t get us wrong! With so much of uber qualities, Bamboo Fabric must have that chic nature to show off as “Stay cool!” But the fabric is more breathable than cotton. Since the textile has a lot of micro gaps and holes, the absorption and ventilation rate is higher than any other fabric. And since this doesn’t have any chemicals and has Bamboo Kun, the fabric acts as a cooling agent too. Research has shown that Bamboo clothing helps your body to stay 2-degree Celsius lower than the normal temperature!

And the best factor? It also helps you stay warm in Cold Weather! It acts as an insulator! That’s right!


Bamboo clothing can help us reduce our footprints and the increase in demand for this textile will also push to change the tipping points of fashion. This is a fine step towards a sustainable lifestyle without harming nature! is a brand that specializes in apparels that are made from Bamboo. Its mission is to create a major change in the fashion industry while promoting green fashion. Come! Be a part of the change with the upcoming pioneer of green fashion!