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Bamboo Clothing for Infants & Children

Customers are extremely concerned when purchasing clothing for their children. Clothing for children should be designed with safety and comfort in mind. On the physical comfort of children's clothing, the parents should consider the fabric and pattern. Children's sensitive skin responds to harmful materials, making them less comfortable to wear. Children's movements should also be unrestricted, and intervention should be facilitated.

Clothes should provide a sense of protection and comfort to a child. Discomfort dresses can be irritating choosing the right clothes for your children is very essential. The synthetic fabric is high in chemical content, which triggers allergic reactions in a child's sensitive skin. Polyester fabrics do not allow the skin to breathe, causing your child to sweat more. They're less comfortable than natural fabrics. When choosing the clothing for your children, always choose natural organic fabrics such as cotton or bamboo clothes. Children are divided into age groups, and each age group has its own set of criteria.

Any textile industry or brand should regard customer priority and satisfaction as a baseline level of success and excellence. This blog aims to bring together all of the criteria for children's clothing creation as well as consumer preferences and expectations when purchasing clothing for their children.



Kids are categorized according to their age group. The selection of clothes is done according to their age group.

1- Neonate (under 30 days)                                           

2- Infant (ages 2 months –1 year)

3- Toddler (ages 1–4 years)

4- Children (ages 4- 12 years)

All of these age ranges need different clothing due to the significant differences in the activities of children of various ages, different clothing for each of these age groups is required. Regardless of this factor, children's basic clothing should be soft, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off, relatively loose baby clothes are ideal. The clothes should have easy access to the new born baby’s nappy because it has to be changed frequently. The clothes should be Non-flammable, extremely light, and non-irritating.


1- Neonate

Babies from birth to two months are commonly referred to as new-borns. The head does not sit correctly on the neck at this age. Clothing for a new born baby should have a complete front or back opening. The material should be chosen according to the season, i.e. thick or thin. Normally soft, organic lightweight clothes should be used.


Clothing for infants should be chosen mainly for comfort and ease of treatment. The most appropriate garments are those that do not need ironing that is simple to put on the infant and do not have a hard or rough surface that may cause discomfort. Clothes for babies should be comfortable, pliable, and not irritate the skin.

They should allow for ventilation so that any moisture can escape as moisture stifles due to insufficient ventilation.

3- Toddler

The toddler requires clothing that allows for full freedom in all of the activities that are typical at this age. Overalls are favored once again, especially if they have wide shoulder straps that can be adjusted as the child grows. Toddlers also wear one-piece outfits with zippered legs or crotch openings.


Children from age group 4 to above require clothes that give them maximum freedom and does not restrict their movement as the children in this age are extremely active hence the clothes should give them free movements, the clothes should be breathable with high sweat absorbance quality as children are most engaged in the physical activities hence, the fabric should be bought considering some factors like the clothes should be loose with breathable and hypoallergenic cloth material.

Keeping all of the needs of children of all ages in mind, BamboologyTrends is launching a children's clothing line that will cover all of their needs and will become your one-stop-shop for all of your children's needs. If you are a new parent or will be one soon, you will want to find the best quality clothes for your children that are organic and chemical-free. Bamboo is very much known for it's organic and eco-friendly clothing that has no chemicals and toxins in it and as the baby’s skin is very sensitive and soft our range of organic clothes is the best option for babies.

We have a wide variety of products to offer you, from baby suits to personalized matching outfits to twin as a mother-daughter pair, from everyday tees to sports outfits for your kids, we have it all and it's all 100 percent natural and organic, so it won't harm or irritate your baby's delicate skin.


The selection of appropriate clothing for children is critical to their overall health. As a result, selecting fabrics for children that are long-lasting, soft, durable, and appropriate for their delicate skin is essential. Kids like to play and the nature of children’s activities means that their clothes should be suitable and flexible. Synthetic fabrics are not appropriate for children's clothing due to their high chemical content.

1- Our bamboo clothes are 100% natural and vegan.

2- Bamboo is known for its ultra-soft fabric which is ideal for your baby's sensitive skin.

3- Bamboo has a natural anti-allergic quality due to the natural ingredient found in it known as the bamboo Kun, which makes it a natural anti-allergic fabric that protects your children from allergies and rashes.

4- Bamboo clothing is extremely breathable and comfortable to wear in fact; they are so comfortable that your child can sleep in them for the entire night.

5- Bamboo naturally has a high UV defines property, bamboo clothing acts as a shield against the sun's rays.

As parents, we want to raise our children with the best of everything that is safe and free of toxins, but we sometimes don't realize that the clothes we buy them are full of chemicals that are harmful to their delicate skin. Remember that a child's skin is very sensitive, and he or she doesn't care if the pretty dress they're wearing dazzles others all a child needs is a comfortable dress in which they can run around like a bird. The fabric you choose has a big impact on how they feel. So, choose wisely rather than succumbing to the synthetic brigade's attraction.

We as an organic clothing brand recognize the value of providing the best organic apparel to you and your children, so we've launched our baby line, which will include clothing for your new born baby boy/baby girl up to your 12-year-old child's daily wear and sportswear.

Your Green Fashion approach can make a significant impact on the fashion industry by encouraging natural textile materials with minimum compromise in style while staying true to current fashion trends.

You can become a conscious parent and a responsible citizen by choosing ethically made organic kid's clothing with the sustainable brands like us.

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